~~ References ~~
"When I made the decision to buy a finished horse I knew it was going to be difficult to find someone I could trust and a horse I could feel good about spending money on.  I fell in love with Clymer the moment I first saw his picture on the Internet, but it was through many interactions with Kim I knew I was buying the right horse from the right person.  She was so personable, trustworthy and up front.  Her main concern was finding the right home for her beloved horse.  Since buying Clymer I have stayed in touch with Kim on a regular basis and have liked interacting with her so much that I was very excited to list one of my horses with her on her new brokering site.  I have not regretted my decision for one second and I would strongly recommend Kim to any of my friends when it comes to finding a great horse!!"

~~ Jessica Corbett, Oregon
"Last fall I decided my 5 year old gelding was not the best fit for me or for what I wanted to do with him.  However, I had raised him from birth so finding him a good home was imperative.  Not having the contacts or the experience necessary to sell him quickly I gave the task to Kim Smith.  Kim found my gelding a great home doing exactly what he was meant to do with a family that was the perfect fit.  They not only appreciated his many quirks that I found irritating, they also had the knowledge to help him reach his full potential.  I would recommend Kim to anyone who needs help selling a horse; she was able to quickly place my horse in an ideal situation for exactly what I thought he was worth with absolutely no effort on my part.  Thank you Kim!!!" 

~ Jenny Smith, Washington
"When I decided to put my horse on "  bestfithorsebrokers", I did it because I know both the ladies that are behind it.  Both Traci and Kim have been in the business along time and have the integrity and honesty that it takes to do it right!!   I am confident that they will do a very good job in matching my horse with a good home and a good competitor!" 

Rana Clark, Washington
"I wanted to write a letter about Traci & Kim.  I have been telling everyone about them.  I can’t tell you how impressed I was with their professionalism.  In the horse selling industry, it is rare to find not only 1, but a team that is so honest and wants to “Get it Right.”  

Here is my story – I am a novice barrel racer that has a novice horse.  My husband & I made the decision this winter to get me something different that I could work with this summer & have ready by 2009 season. We started looking in the standard Barrel Horse World & Dream Horse with about a $5,000 budget.  We soon realized $5,000 gets absolutely nothing.  So, we upped our budget tops $10,000.  Countless nights on the internet emailing about horses clear to Michigan, Florida etc.  You get the idea.  You email back & forth than finally get the video … WOW.  This is what you get for $10,000.  You finally find one that looks perfect.  Than you get the video of his legs, feet & long trotting to & away from you – I don’t think so.  And I would have to fly to Michigan to try a horse than my husband would have to drive out & pick it up, as shipping is outrageous these days.  After months of disappointments, we were basically giving up on the whole internet thing.  

Fast forward to a general email that went out about a local NEW business, “Best Fit Horse Brokers.”  I went to their website and saw some affordable horses that were local.  Not only were they local, but the website had Pedigrees, Videos & lots of details (good & any issues).  Alright! – Someone who is actually answering my questions before I ask them.  We decided to email on a few horses.  

Not only did I get a prompt response, but even more details.  Although very impressive, it wasn’t even the most impressive part of what was to come.  Traci started asking about me.  I mean ALL about me & my desires than they went to work.  That next week we were at the Trac for a barrel race.  I met Traci & Kim.  They took it upon themselves to watch my runs than put their heads together.  They really watch your hands & feet to see exactly your style, so they can “Get it Right.”  They were completely honest about me, my budget & their horses.  They aren’t afraid to tell you that a horse isn’t “The Best Fit.”  They spend a lot of time & energy.  
I completely trust, respect & certainly appreciate their knowledge & abilities to produce what they are advertising.  They truly are “The Best Fit Horse Brokers” and “They Get it Right". THANK YOU LADIES!"

~Luke & Kara Simpson
" I just wanted to say how happy I was to work with Kim! She was so easy to work with and so accommodating and prompt. She provided plenty of pictures and extensive video in less than a week.. The colt was everything and more she said he was.. It was so refreshing to work with her, and I couldn't be happier with my new boy! This was definitely the smoothest out of state horse purchase I have made! Thank you so much Kim for your time, honesty, and sending me a gorgeous new gelding! "

~~ Christine Davi, California
" After months of searching for a barrel horse with no luck and spending lots of money in fuel and not finding what I was looking for. I contacted Kim. I explained to her what I was looking for. She told me she had 2 horses that she thought would fit what I was looking for my riding style, and price. With in a day she set up the appointment for me to go see the horses. She was there for me every step of the way. She talked to me about each horse, talked to me about there style give me her undivided attention with both horses while I was trying them out. She encouraged me every step of the way.  I chose one of the horses that day.
Kim was very easy to work with so accommodating,prompt and very honest. I can't say enough about her and how happy I am that I contacted her for her HELP!  This was definitely the best decision I made to call Kim for her HELP in finding a barrel horse.  I love my new barrel horse (Tuffy)!   Thanks Kim! "
~~  Kim Dobner, Washington
"  I am not sure I can honestly say how great it was to work with you on this deal, but here it goes.
I recently purchased a barrel horse with the help of Best Fit Horse Brokers, my experience with them was second to none.  The website is excellent and gave a very true representation of the horse.  There were no surprises. Being a true professional, Kim Smith got to know me as best she could before I headed down to try horses.  She made sure that the horses she had lined up were ones that would suit my style, riding ability and my size.  Not only do I now own a great new horse, but feel like I have made great friendships in the process."
~~ Lana Green, Meeting Creek, Alberta, Canada

"  I have had horses my whole life and letting one leave your home is always an emotional struggle. Best Fit Horse Brokers made that transition so much easier by finding me good homes, great rider matches and the confidence to let them go into good hands. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Best Fit."
~~ Fawn Schott, Deer Park, WA 

"   In the recent months I have used Best Fit Horse Brokers to Buy and sell my horses.   When I decided to sell my horse, Kim took the time to listen to me as a seller and also made a huge effort to know the horse that she was marketing.   I was impressed with Kim’s marketing because she didn’t put a price on him right away until she knew his style and what type of horse he was.   Kim knew what type of rider that he needed, and was sure to find that special person and home.   Kim knew the horse I was selling was one I loved so she made sure he went to a great home.
 When it came time for me to buy a new horse,  Kim knew exactly what type of horse I wanted, and knew  the type of horse that fit me as a rider and didn’t have me try anything she thought wasn’t suitable.  When I started trying horses Kim was there from start to finish.  She went on a few trips with me to find that exact one and she handled the whole process.  
I would buy and sell through Best Fit Horse Brokers several times over.  There is no pressure, listened to me as a buyer and seller.  I highly recommend using them."
~~ Donna Heinen, Mesa, WA

"   Wow. I am so amazed at the quick results I got when I decided to consign my mare Sterling with Best Fit Horse Brokers!  Although I've never sold a through a broker before, after not getting around to listing her myself, I decided to call Kim.  That was the best decision I made. The video montage she put together was beyond my capability and I was blown away with how accurately she showed this mare in the video based solely on the questionnaire, one phone call and short video clips shot and emailed from my phone! For her to nail a horse's attributes so correctly without ever seeing the horse speaks volumes to the credibility of Best Fit Horse Brokers. Plus I knew when my horse was reflected so truthfully, the buyer would be a "best fit" for her!  I only gave Kim the listing for two months and figured since it's the wrong time of year to sell (Dec-Jan), I'd be lucky to even stir up some interest.  In less than a month, the ad produced much interest and not one, but two buyers. As a first timer using a commissioned broker, I will not hesitate using them again  to sell my horse.  They do all the work and make it easy for the owner! Thank you Kim & Best Fit Horse Brokers  :)"  
~~ Dawn Fletcher, Rochester, WA

"  I had a great experience! Loved how my horse was advertised and the communication about potential buyers. I will be using your broker services in the future!"  
~~ Tobi Richardson, Idaho

"  I would strongly recommend Best Fit Horse Brokers for selling your next horse. I've had complete success with Kim and her efforts in the advertising that she does. She does such a good job emphasizing your horses abilities that I promise when she's done you'll want to buy your own horse! She takes the time as if she were selling one of her own. Then, when it comes time to answer all the emails she filters everything so that you really only have to deal with the serious buyers. She knows horses and has been at both ends of the buying and selling spectrum so that each can have a success story at the end. I will continue to use Kim and her reputable website and you should too!"  
~~ Jamie Morgan, Washington
"  Kim is a true professional, who has everyone's best interest at heart, the seller, the buyer and the horse. She does everything she can to provide the best possible outcome on a sale.  I personally very much appreciate the thought put into the questionnaire filled out by the consignor. She wants to know as much as possible in order to find the buyer the best fit.  She has a strict code of ethics, and I trust her to be honest with both buyers and sellers. I would go to her for help with either buying or selling again."  
~~ Nicki McKay, Washington
"  I can’t say enough good things about Kim and Best Fit Horse Brokers.  Kim is honest, and very knowledgeable when it comes to the horses she represents to sell for clients, and to the potential buyers.  She wants to make sure the horse and rider are a good match so they will be a successful team.  Three years ago, we purchased our first barrel horse through Kim for our daughter, he was perfect!  As our daughter has grown, we once again, sought Kim’s services.  Just recently, after months of searching, Kim helped us find and purchase another amazing barrel horse to compete on at the next level.    I have complete confidence in her ability to make sure that the buyer and seller are both happy with the end result.  Not only does she have a very reputable company, but we have gained a life long friendship through the process.  Thank you Kim for all of your time, advice, and offering us to try the horses you felt were appropriate for our needs.  I highly recommend that if you are ever are in the market to buy or sell a horse, Kim with Best Fit Horse Brokers, is without a doubt a first class broker who can help you!"  
 ~~ Darci Monson,  Kennewick, WA
"  When I decided to sell my mare I gave Kim a chance. I would definitely use Kim's services again! She made sure my mare got the best home possible. The process was easy, Kim did all the work. I felt at ease letting my mare go to her new home knowing Kim placed her with great people who knew exactly what they were buying. If I am buying or selling in the future Best Fit Horse Brokers will be my first call!"  
~~ Lindsey Weaver, WA
"  Deciding to sell my mare was a very emotional decision for me. Kim made the process so easy. It is always very hard to sell, but knowing that Kim values them as her own and has their best interest in mind, it makes it much easier. I can't thank Kim enough for her prompt and honest service. I would use Kim again, when buying or selling. With her experience, she can find the right home for your horse or the right horse to fit your style.  Would recommend Kim for buying or selling. "  
~~ Miranda Rosenthal, Rosalia, WA
"  I bought a horse through Kim Smith; And she was nothing slight of amazing to work with. Glad that she helped me find the perfect horse! "  
~~ Kennedy Smith,  Alberta, Canada
"  Just sold another quality colt through Kim Smith and Best Fit! Kim does the legwork and finds me buyers that fit the type of home i want for my colts. My colts have gone from Oregon to Vermont and recently northern Idaho and she helper buyer with locating a shipper. All i needed to do was necessary paperwork and/or coggins or vaccinations. Kim is a terrific resource if you are looking to buy a horse. With her honesty, integrity, and wealth of horse knowledge, she is my go-to person for buying or selling and I highly recommend her! "  
~~ Debbie Hershey, Powell Butte, Oregon
"  I have bought and sold horses through Kim and highly recommend her for both experiences. I trust Kim's opinion and I know that she'll do all the research needed so that I can feel confident in my purchase. She also has an excellent eye for a horse and knows a good one when she sees it."  
~~ Brittany Kelly, WPRA barrel racer,  Paso Robles, CA
"  I had been trying to sell my futurity prospect for over 8 months. Kim's immense knowledge and expertise of marketing quality horses helped move my colt under half the time I'd been trying to sell my prospect by myself! I strongly suggest Best Fit Horse Brokers in your future sales and purchases! " 
~~ Katy Johnson, Dillon, Montana
"  I recently just used Kim to buy a horse, she was amazing to work with! She found the exact horse I had been looking for. She helped arrange shipping and helped set up everything to make it a smooth transaction for not just me but the seller as well. I will definitely use Kim again for buying and selling, we highly recommend her."
~~ Holly Clark,  Grangeville, Idaho
"  Loved working with Kim! She helped me find the perfect buyer for a very special horse. Selling a horse can be stressful and she made the process so easy. My experience was great and I will definitely be using her services in future. I highly recommend her to both buyers and sellers!"
~~ Tobi Richardson, Idaho
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"  Kim made purchasing a horse a fun experience! She went above and beyond answering my questions and sending me videos. I am so happy with "R-Boy"! I can't wait to see what his future holds! Thank you so much Kim for raising a beautiful colt, and Saige for doing a great job with all of the groundwork. ❤ "
~~ Mardie Jendrycka, Ellensburg, WA
"  Best Fit Horse Brokers is a phenomenal resource for high quality horses and truly a pleasure to work with. My purchasing experience was excellent and I will most definitely look to Best Fit Horse Brokers for any future purchases. Thank you! "
~~ Beth Hill, Poulsbo, WA
"  Thank goodness for honest people like Kim and Scottie Johnson. I bought a 5 year old Judge Cash mare in April who had never even had her paperwork started. After alot of effort from both Kim and Scottie we did finally get the papers last week. Would highly recommend Kim to anyone. Thanks!"
~~ Lori Frazier, Powell, WY
"  Selling a horse that is a member of my family was the hardest decision of my life. I was already regretting the whole process, headache and heartache that typically comes when parting with a horse. I was amazed at the experience Best Fit Horses Brokers provided. Every picky request I made was met and with ease and relief my horse went into the most amazing situation I could have asked for. No stress, no hassle, no BS and great results! I highly recommend the professional service Best Fit Horse Brokers brings to the equine world and will be using them for my buying and selling needs from here on out." 

~~ Whitney Reilly, Ephrata, WA
"  We had an incredibly positive experience with Kim and Best Fit Horse Brokers. She listened to what we were looking for, asked questions and narrowed the options. Her first suggestion was as close to a perfect match as you can get…he’s awesome, and we have a very happy daughter! Kim was courteous, respectful, fair and honest in her dealings and I wouldn’t hesitate to use her again or recommend her to others. Overall, very pleased and can’t thank Kim enough for her help and kindness!" 

~~ Ginger Yore;  Meridian, ID
"  What a great experience. Highly recommend for any buying or selling needs.."  
~~ Rachel Hurkamp, Delta CO
"  I recently just used Kim to buy a horse, she was amazing to work with! She found the exact horse I had been looking for. She helped arrange shipping and helped set up everything to make it a smooth transaction for not just me but the seller as well. I will definitely use Kim again for buying and selling, we highly recommend her".
~~ Holly Clark, Grangeville, ID
"  Thank you Kim Smith for your help selling Miss Kitty, because your so well respected in the horse industry the buyers went to your site! And Miss Kitty is getting an awesome new owner, I am so excited to see there future! "  
~~ Nikki Brinkman, Mollala, OR
"  This was my first time buying a horse through a broker. And let me tell you, it was the best decision I have ever made! I couldn't tell you why I didn't do it sooner. It really takes all the work out of having to spend hours sorting through horses on your own and trying to decide if the horse would be a good fit.
 Kim always sent me horses that fit the criteria of what I was looking for in terms of price,age,ability ect.. She is very knowledgeable about the horses she has listed and is very responsive to any questions or concerns that you might have. Stress free, Comfortable horse buying! I would recommend her in a heartbeat!"  
~~ Staci Baker; Camas, WA
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"  Hey""!!  Jet has settled in nicely. We are loving him, super easy to get along with! Just wanted to say THANK YOU again. Buying both him and Shortbus through you was so easy. I didn't feel like we got blind-sidedby anything. And Both are exactly (or better) than what was promoted. Thank you! "  
~~ Whitnie Anderson, Idaho