ANNOUNCEMENT - August 25, 2020 
Due to the current situation in the world with COVID and the restrictions in the states in WA, OR, CA, I am postponing the Best Fit Incentive for 2020 until 2021. I hope to pick an event in the spring to add the incentive monies to. Please stay tuned.

2019 Best Fit Incentive Program Set!!
I am excited to announce that I have come up with a way to give back to the barrel racing community!!   It is my hope that this program will continue as an annual event if it gets a positive response. I plan to set aside a percentage of all commissions I receive each year and put that money into a purse which will be offered as a sidepot at a selected event(s) in the Northwest.  Because this is a new idea, I expect it to evolve as time goes on, and I may make some adjustments from year to year.  For 2019,  I will be offering the following: 

$2,000 added Sidepot for eligible horses at
Producers Gone Wild Barrel Race in Moses Lake, WA Aug 30- Sept 1, 2019

Eligible horses are those who where sold through Best Fit Horse Brokers, with a paid commission.  The horse remains eligible for it's lifetime.  Anyone can run the horse. The horse does not even have to be owned by the original purchaser.  That horse will be eligible to run every year at each event where the Incentive Pot is offered. 
 ***A List of Eligible Horses will be kept below, and updated frequently before each event. 

-- The Incentive will be run as a sidepot to the Saturday, August 31st Open race of the 2019 PGW event.
-- Riders must enter the PGW Open race & submit this form along with their open entry form for the PGW
   event to the event secretary, to be included in the Incentive Sidepot.
-- There will be no entry fees for this years 2019 Sidepot.
-- Entries can be submitted until the entries close for the Open race on Saturday.
-- Payout will be calculated based ONLY on the eligible horses in the Incentive Sidepot. Payout will be paid
    as a 4D with half second splits. Number of places paid in each D will be as follows: Under 25 horses entered
    pays 2 places in each D. Over 25 horses will pay 3 in each D.
-- You will be able to enter up until the time the late entries for the race close (day of the race), and there will be no late           fees. 

Contact Us: 
If you have any questions, or if you believe your horse is eligible but has been left off the list, please feel free
to email Kim at
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~~ Best Fit Incentive Program ~~
As ofAugust 2020
(in alphabetical order)

19 buckskin colt by DAF o/o Sun Frost Legend
2017 colt by Frenchmans Falcon o/o SMR Shaken Monkey
2018 bay filly by Flaming Firewater o/o Sheza Famous Blurr
2018 pal filly byGuys Pocket Coin o/o Ms Missy Brown
2018 sorrel filly by The Kandyman o/o Dolls French Cash
A Guy With Fire
A Smooth Cutie
A Streak of Badon
Alive N Judgen
All American Royal
American Bammit
Audacious Del Rey
AW Jodon
Awesome Swift N Easy
Awesome Ta First colt
BB Frenchman Salute
Biankus De Oro 
Biankus Misfire
Big Red N Flashy 
BJC Peppys Grey Rain
Blazin Mojito Mackay
Blazin Orion
Blitz For Cash
Blue Chick Alena
Blue Jaybird
Bogies Devine Honor
Bogies Lil Sis
Bound Ta B First
BSR Bad Az Bankus
Captains Great Blurr
Cash For Dat
Cash In Duck
Cash N Miss Captain
Cashanova Bound
Cashs Dawn
Catty Like Daddy
Cfour Golden Gate
Chex My Charge
Chexote Starlite 
Chicka Kelly
Chloes Fortune
Coats Honors Jetfire
Codys Lil Playmate
Coronas R Fabulous
CP Bolt
CP Doobie
CP Maybelline
CP Popeye
CR Blue Gambler
Crazy Angelique
CSE Royal Rebel
Dancing With Judge
Dash on Sonshine 
Dat Cash Classic
Dat French Alley
Dats A Fling
Dats A Frenchman
Dats A Jewel
Datsa Lil Shaker
Datsa Lita Playmate
Delight De Judge
DH Dawns Keeper
DH Mighty Julie
DH Won Ta Be smooth
Docs Sugar Stinger
Don’t Dis This Bug 
Duck The Judge
Dun In French Lace
Easy Hush Money
Falcons French Fry
Famous Dry Fire
Famous French Cagen
Famous Lucky Clover
Fancy Dat Frenchgirl
Fancy Man Perks
Feature This Fame
Fellas Top Gal
Finely Dunit
Firecracker Faith
Five Star Look
Flor" - Grade
Fox Nic
Freckles on my badge
French Cactus Fling
French Cadillac
French Kissed By Fire
French Pistols
French Zantanow
Frenchmans Biankus
Frenchmans Charger
Frenchmans Ghost
Frenchmans Hancock
Frenchmans Rebel
Frenchs Truckle Bar
Froghollow FrenchChip
Frosted Jasmine
G6" - Grade roan gelding 
Goldies Design
Gray Lady Cashmytab
Guns Fire And Ash
Guys Special Coin
Hadalena Dude
Hairpin Roan A Movin
Hancocks Frenchman
Harems Heartbreaker
Harems Huckleberry
Heza Latin Looker
Hickorys Smart Holly
High On Patience
High Ona French Guy
Hopelessly Famous
Hot Disco Nights
Hughes Yer Daddy
JDR Sparko Dollars
JE Miss Judge Bolt
Jess Eye Am
JLR Streakofbrandy
Joshua Judges
JS Czech Me Out
Judge Bedashin
Judge Hada Hayday
Judge Henryetta 
Judge Juno Ima Star
Judge My Falcon
Judge Robin Hood
Justa Missin Minute
Kellys Lanes Famous
Kenos Blaze Of Glory
Kenos Blaze Of Glory
Kippys Got Class 
KL Lenas Calboy
KS Dash Ta Vegas
KV Miss Kitty
La Epica
LB Time For Sunshine
LDR A Smart Guy
LDR Flits Ace
Lenas Double powerhouse
Leos Par T More
LF Double Rita
LF Explosive
Lions Treat Ta Fame
Lotta Fame Ta Claim
Lyke My Smart Fame
LZK Dashus Kat Trix
Machos Easter Lilly
Major Luchese Biankus
Margarets Honor
MM Beda Judge
Mobilin Ta Fame
Money Man (pending 2019 colt by PCFH)
MP Native Drift
Ms Missy Brown
My French Treat
Nacho Peppy Frenchman
Oliver Looks
One Boomin Chic
Parkers Secretary
Parr Three Cash
Pass Me The Chic
Patches Lilly (AQPA)
Pep Lena Playboy
Pepto Bullion
Perks Of My Heart
Perks Runaway
Perkup N Passem
Platinum Bully Belle
Platinum Reggie
Poppys Power Play
PR Streaken To Vegas
Pretty Prima Donna
QR Missy Tucker Cash
Quicks Smart Lil Bee
Rakin Rebel
RCA Blue Silverfrost
Red Hot Fire N Fame
Request Badger 
Reysed On Soda
RGR Bombshell
Ricky Bobby" -grade
Rock Me Rey
Royal Down Bunny
Royal Wrangler Sarah
Shake Em Peppy
Shameless Fame
Shameless In Paris
Sing High Frenchgirl
Sky Highs The Limit
Slick Confetti Moon
Slicks Rapid Fire
Smart Little Soly
Smart Mate Freckles
Smoke This Remedy 
Smooth Dandy Doll
SMR French Navy Girl
SMR My Oh My
Sparkle Bee Chex
Spicey French Girl
Starlights Smoke N
Stel The Magic
Stellar Teller
Stone Cold Biankus 
Streakin Goddess
Streaking Magnolia
Sugar Coated Judge
Sugar High Karin 856
Super Charged Friday
Taylors Lanes Famous
TC Ann Skippa
TE Jet Flash
The Last Big Frost
The Opposum
Thinkin Bout Lion
THR BidUrHeartgoodby
Tipso D Oakie
TJM Flit Bar Command
TK Frenchmans Felon
TK Handful Of Money
TK High On Cash
TLS Copenhaver
TLS Datsa Mel Rose
TLS Scandal (by DAF)
Travel Ta Treasure
TS Make Me Sum Cash
TTC Preachers Lena
Twice Bi Bueno Chex
Vegas Showgirl Fling
Velvets Shiney Spark
Why Not Me Judge
Wicked Smooth
WR Annie Oakley
Wrangler Chris
Your Wildest Fling
Zip Ta Fame
Zippin Miss Mccue
Zips Trinity Lee