BEST ~ FIT provides the following to our clients:
A knowledgeable broker working on the behalf of sellers, in all areas of the sales process
Market research in determination of appropriate pricing
Managing all horse related inquiries on sale horses via email, phone and social media
Listing horses on several horse sale sites and platforms, and updating with current information as needed
Coordination of all aspects of the sales process, from listing to final sale, including sales contracts
Industry connections around the country which broaden the depth of client base

BEST ~ FIT's commitment to our clients:


Full Service Brokering:  
There are no broker fees involved in the initial listing of your horse with us.  We simply require the owner to fill out our convenient online questionnaire, which will provide the information needed to determine fair market value, ensure accurate representation of the horse during the sale process, and answer any and all questions that may be posed by a potential buyer. The form can also serve as a full disclosure form for the buyer up on the sale of the horse.  
 We also ask for good quality photos and/or videos. If you are limited in your ability to provide these, we can try to be of assistance.  Then we will determine what we think is the best marketing plan for your horse to present it to market.   Marketing by us,  on our website, as well as other 'free' listing sites is free. But if ads are placed on other marketing sites that charge a fee, we ask that you reimburse us for those costs, which are usually minimal.  If the horse sells, those charges are waived.

Our full service brokering puts all the work of marketing and answering emails and inquiries in our hands. So if you don't like to answer emails and phone calls at all hours, with repetitious questions about your horse and why you are selling it, then this is the option for you.  

Upon completion of the sale of your horse, you will owe a sales commission.  The industry standard is a 10% commission on the sales price. We follow this standard in most circumstances. 

If you choose to have Best~Fit manage the marketing and sale of your horse, we ask that you not advertise your horse yourself, and that you not hire any other brokers.  (If you already have a broker working for you, see the "Quiet List" option below).  If you have your horse with a trainer, I will work with that trainer during my marketing efforts as much or as little as the client wishes.  Once I begin my services, if you are contacted by another broker or a potential buyer, please refer them to me. 

Quiet List Brokering Options:
Another option, I call the "Quiet List" is for people who do not want their horses listed publicly on the Internet and social media. The Quiet List is also  for those people who are comfortable marketing their own horses, but may not have the contacts to locate the buyers themselves.   This is the same full service brokering service, just without the internet marketing.  This form of marketing can take longer to find potential buyers because it relies on my current contacts to find a buyer, and the website/internet marketing many times brings new contacts.  Sales resulting from "quiet listings" also garner the same  10% commission at the conclusion of the sale.   

If you are already marketing your horse and wish to continue your own marketing efforts, OR you already have another broker working for you and wish to continue that route, but you would also like my help trying to find a suitable buyer, then the Quiet List is also for you. 

How to Begin:
Contact me using the Email link below,  ask for the questionnaire, and tell me whether the horse you'd like to sell is a competing barrel horse, a prospect, a rope horse or a broodmare.  I will send you the link to our online questionnaire, which will give me the  information and details on the horse, to allow me to accurately and honestly market that horse, and to focus the marketing to the right potential buyers. I will also need you to provide photos and videos which I will use to create a marketing ad and video compilation.  I will also offer pricing advice based on current market conditions, if you are unsure what price you'd like to list your horse at. 


To contact us about a horse listed for sale, you can click on the email link at the bottom of each ad. 

Or, if you'd like to contact us about listing a horse, or in helping you to find your BEST ~ FIT, please feel free to email :


Kim Smith        kburke84@hotmail.com

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