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  Sam Boone --  Colt Starting / Barrel Horse Training

Samantha Boone has been training for the public for 15 years. She has trained with and
learned from great trainers in varying fields, including Jeff Bailey (working cow horse and
colt starting), Scott Seeklander (Reining and basics), and Craig Stritzke (barrel racing). 
Sam is always continuing her education and strives to learn more from every horse she
encounters, as well as all the knowledgable professionals she comes in contact with.

With years of experience and education, she has developed skills and knowledge that
make her a skilled professional with colts as well as older horses.  

Sam can offer her skill almost any discipline, but she specializes:
Starting colts
Ground work
Barrel Training
and Correcting problems

See some amazing video of Sam in action at:  www.superbarrelhorses.com

Sam Boone

16518 S. Dover Rd.
Cheney, Wa. 99004

"I really like to take something from nothing and make it into something great.  That is a great accomplishment for me...." 
~~ Sam Boone ~~
  Barefoot Trimmer  --- Roger Budden

Now in the Northwest, Roger Budden has a wealth of education and experience across the country helping horses and owners find the healthy foot they've all been looking for.

The High Performance barefoot horse approach is widespread throughout the world.  Barefooters are successful in reining, rodeo, polo, endurance, dressage, and many other disciplines.

Roger Budden
Dayton, WA


To put it very simply - barefoot trimming is about simulating and stimulating.  First we are simulating the wear horses' feet would get if they were free to get all the exercise they needed to keep their feet self-trimmed.  Secondly we are trimming the foot to stimulate it to grow healthy and in the proper form for each individual foot. 

What goes on inside the hoof during motion is important to the circulation of blood in the horse.  It has been proven that shoes reduce that circulation.  A natural barefoot horse has warm legs (the same temperature as the rest of the body).  A shod horse will have cold legs.  A clear sign of impaired circulation.
Barefoot horses GAIN:

-- Quality of Movement, because a light, naturally shaped hoof with early breakover, allows the entire leg to move more freely and the foot to land heel-first;

-- Surefootedness, because barefoot hooves can feel the ground and have better traction;

-- Stamina, because the flexing hooves help provide blood circulation to the entire body system.

We are seeing excellent results using barefoot to rehabilitate foundered horses to full soundness and rideability (see Founder page). The wild-horse barefoot trim re-balances the navicular foot to allow healing of inflamed tissues

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"I love running barefoot!  I feel that Bald Ridge feels the ground better and I think she is smoother. Roger helped me transition into barefoot trimming easily.  He has given me confidence with his education and experience in his field.  He is also really patient with colts, and I shoud know, I always have a new colt to introduce him too...."
-- Karen Gleason
Kent Oswalt, CPA - Accounting and Financial Services

We are a full-service accounting firm dedicated to providing our clients with professional, personalized services and guidance in a wide range of financial and business needs.

For years, E. Kent Oswalt, CPA has been providing quality, personalized financial guidance to local individuals and businesses. E. Kent Oswalt, CPA's expertise ranges from basic tax management and accounting services to more in-depth services such as audits, financial statements, and financial planning.

Contact: Kent Oswalt  at 509-783-6818

or see more on their services at:    http://oswaltcpa.com/
"After leaving my career in Accounting and Tax Preparation, I knew Kent and his staff were the firm that would take over not only my previous clients needs, but also my own. Kent and his staff are well versed in many equine businesses such as breeders, farriers, and even professional rodeo cowboys. I trust Kent and his staff for all my accounting and tax needs!"

~ Kim Smith
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~The Heritage Team
Suze Wood                           
-- Cerified Equine Massage Therapist --                          

Suze Wood is an equine massage therapist based in Waitsburg, Washington who
specializes in sustaining and optimizing performance for competitive equine athletes,
supporting the recovery process for horses who are ill or have been injured, and
geriatric support.

She has completed 450 hours of intensive training through the Northwest School of
Animal Massage, including anatomy & physiology, kinesiology, advanced massage
techniques, horse behavior, handling and energy work, is licensed in the state of
Washington, and has been nationally certified by the National Board of Certification
for Animal Acupressure & Massage.

Detailed infor on Suzes' services is available on her website. And appointment can
easily be made online througher her website, or taken by phone.


              Use the Promo Code "BEST-FIT" when booking and
                           receive $30 OFF your first session!!!!

Suze Wood

Waitsburg, WA

Washington State License #AM60568871

  NBCAAM Certificate # M-125-15

"Suze has a wonderful way with horses. She helped my good horse Cupcake after a bad fall and got her back to competition much faster than anticipated.  She spent nearly 2 hours working on my horse on each visit.  The horses love her too!!"
~ Kim Smith