High Booty - "Big"
2008 AQHA  brown gelding, 16.1hands       
Sire: On A High       Dam: Spanish Booty

"Big" is a gentle giant with a long stride and a
big heart. He's that horse that you can loan out and he'll
go win for most people that swing a leg over him.  He placed at
one of the biggest Derby's in the NW this year, with a rider
who had never run him before. He was also loaned to a
college rodeo girl, who placed 3rd in her college rodeo, having
never run him before.  He runs 1D times 80% of the time,
and the rest of the time is in the 2D money (according to
Equistat). His fastest time on a standard so far is a 17.22, and
he's run several 17.3's & 4's.  He has won a jackpot by 4 tenths. 
And he has been used as  a backup to a super rodeo horse, but
Big has all the ability to be someone's #1 Rodeo horse.  

Big is a combination of free running and push style. You tell him the speed you want to go and he sets it on cruise. His style would be well described as honest.  He's not a horse that you handle his face a lot or shape him or anything. You can ride aggressive with your body, but ride with soft hands and use verbal cues. He has a great stop, but at the end of a run it takes him a few strides to throttle down with his big stride.  He has no gate issues, goes in good and you can set up him. He's been real consistent both indoors and outdoors. He is patterned on the poles, but the owner does not know to what extent.  He would be well suited for a Circuit rodeo girl, College or High School Rodeo or even suitable for an  experienced youth, but no novice barrel racers just because he is big and powerful in his movements. But a youth with confidence and  experience with a high caliber horse would work.

Big is sound, and has never had any leg injuries. The only time he was off was after a fall, and he was tender in the back. They gave him a little time off and Chiropractic treatments and he came back just fine.  He has good feet. He doesn't need any special shoeing. He has no conformational weaknesses. He has never had ulcers, never coliced, never tied-up and never had any reactions to any feeds. He has had his hocks injected twice for preventive maintenance (not due to any lameness, he was sound), in spring of 2017 and spring of 2018. He bled once, but has never bled since that time. They ran him on lasix for awhile, and then without, and he hasn't bled again. They've had him scoped since then, and no problems found. They believe it was an isolated incident. 

Big is very easy going and kind. He's a user-freiendly type of horse. Just automatic and honest. Let him do his job and don't micro-manage him. He hauls great and without any issue. Ties quiet to the trailer. Good for the farrier, good to bathe, clip, etc.  He does NOT crib, weave or anything goofy.  He is NOT a quirky horse, just good to be around.

Big is in shape and ready to compete. Owner can arrange
both indoor and outdoor arenas to try him (as the weather
permits).  He is only for sale due to personal circumstances.
He has his whole future ahead of him. No Trades.

PRICE: $50,000


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